Coaches help boost students’ skills

Career coaches from a Telford agency have been putting their skills to good use to help the employees of the future.

The team from Prince Personnel, on Central Park, were asked to work with two local schools – Thomas Telford in Telford, and The Priory School in Shrewsbury – as part of Careers Week.

The aim of the project was to help with mock interviews for Year 12 pupils in Telford (aged 17) and Year 10 students from Shrewsbury (aged 15), in order to prepare them for the world of work.

Maria Sandford, who runs the Prince Personnel recruitment agency, is also a qualified career management specialist, and she works with candidates to help plan for the future, advising on the most appropriate direction for them to take.

“It was great to have the opportunity to help the students as it’s so important for them to get the right advice and help at this extremely important stage before they make the decisions that will shape their future careers,” said Maria.

“It can be a very daunting time as there are big decisions to be made, and it’s crucial to seek advice at the earliest possible stage.”

Maria said she was very impressed with the students who showed so much enthusiasm, drive and passion during the sessions.

“They were all so keen to make the most of the opportunities available to them, and it was a real pleasure to be involved.

“In particular, many students wanted to know more about apprentice schemes and they are a great way for young people to gain experience, earn money while they’re working towards a qualification, and to secure a credible company name on their CV.

“The mock interviews were a practical and interactive way to engage with the students, and our experts were delighted to see such a refreshing approach from both schools.

“In the past, schools would probably have taken a more traditional route and managed this transition in-house, but the decision to include local businesses and experts from relevant industry sectors is a modern and innovative take on a process that is so important.”

The project was set up by the schools to push students out of their comfort zones so they could experience a realistic interview and connect with new people, in order to help them prepare for the next stage of their education and careers.

Experts from Prince Personnel were asked to interview the students and then give feedback on their key employability skills, including communication and their approach to team work.

Maria said: “As part of our career management services, we are always keen to work with people at important stages in their lives, and we can ensure that their expectations are managed, and that they receive the right advice to drive their careers forward.

“When it comes to working with younger people, we can help to identify the cultures and sectors that hold the most promise for their chosen career path, and ease them into that transition from education into the world of work.”