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Writing Your CV

What should it include? 

Personal details

  • List your postal address, phone number, mobile number and e-mail address
  • Use short paragraphs, preferably no more than five or six lines each, and write in plain English. Check, check and check again for any errors in grammar or punctuation and ask a friend to check it too before you send it.

Personal profile

  • Add a short description of your skills and qualities, the reasons that you stand out from the crowd - sell yourself in a snapshot to your prospective employer


  • List your most recent education first, and state dates of studentship, places of study and grades achieved.
  • Give more detail about your most recent relevant qualification, and details of any final year or honours project - you can expand on this in your interview.
  • If your A-level grades are good, include those too.

Employment history

  • This needs to be on the first page of your CV, with the most recent job listed first.
  • Give full details of dates of employment, job title and duties, and the name of the company.
  • Include jobs undertaken, techniques used, standards worked to and details of any computer programs you're familiar with.
  • Keep the information clear, concise, and easy to read at a glance - bullet points help make things more readable.

Additional information

Use this space for any other relevant talents such as:

  • Technical skills
  • Languages
  • Information technology
  • Driving licence
  • Additional qualifications


  • Two work references are ideal - never say "references available on request" as it's assumed that they will be and it only wastes valuable space
  • Be sure to contact the person being asked to provide your reference in advance.

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