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Managing Your Online Presence

Managing Your Online Presence

How you appear online is becoming more and more important for anyone on the hunt for a new job or looking for a career boost.

Companies will check out your social media profiles to gauge what kind of a person you are, so it’s important that you’re careful about what you post and that you take control of the information you put online.

The key is to make sure your social media accounts are well-managed and to make a clear distinction between your professional and your personal accounts.

Does your professional profile show you in the best light? Does it convey the image you’d want an employer to see? Don’t let your online presence be a risk to your career prospects.

What does your social media status say about you? Don't give too much away

For anyone on the hunt for a new job or looking for a career boost, how you appear online is becoming more and more critical by the day.

Social networking and the trend to share more personal information online, makes it even more important to keep a check on what people - and more specifically, potential employers - can find out about you online.

Think about it - are there images on Facebook that you wouldn't even want your close friends to see, let alone potential new employers? And what about comments and opinions that you've posted on websites like Twitter? They all count.

Google your name

Do this regularly to see what information is coming up about you. If you have a more common name, add your location too just to double check what's there. Have a look at Google Images too and if there are photographs on there you would prefer not to be online, find out which website they're on and take them down.

Facebook privacy settings

Make sure only your chosen network of friends can see your images and updates on Facebook by adjusting your privacy settings. You can also set your account so your Facebook profile does not show up in search engine results - now that's a good idea

Assume nothing is private

Be aware of what you are posting online, even if you think only your friends will see it. Avoid posting personal views about employers and colleagues as these are bound to be seen and can often be taken seriously

Be aware of new connections

Remember that whoever you connect with on Facebook and other social networks will be able to access any past or future information

All views are your own

If you mention your workplace at any point or in any part of your social media profile, make it clear any views expressed are your personal ones and not those of the company