Tina Temp of Quarter

Temp of the Quarter: Tina’s success as HR Advisor in Healthcare

At Prince, we firmly believe in acknowledging the hard work and achievements of individuals in temporary roles. Introducing Tina, our latest recipient of the Temp of the Quarter Award.

This recognition highlights Tina’s outstanding contributions to her temporary position. We hope that by showcasing the key contribution that temporary workers make, we can emphasise the role temporary work plays in the success and vitality of businesses.

Getting to know Tina:

Tina boasts over twenty years of experience in Human Resources, covering various sectors. Outside of work, she enjoys travelling, catching up with friends, diving into a good book, and treating her friends and family to her latest recipe experiments.

Contributing to a busy healthcare service as an HR Advisor:

Tina has embraced the role of an HR Advisor in a bustling healthcare service, a position that aligns seamlessly with her extensive experience. Her knack for thriving in the face of challenges has not only made her an essential contributor but has significantly enriched the team’s capacity to navigate complexities efficiently.

Prince’s support in Tina’s success:

Reflecting on her journey, Tina shares:

“Prince was always willing to discuss opportunities and help identify the best role to suit my strengths. Their professionalism, availability, and friendly style made me feel at ease and confident about applying for a role.”

Tina’s top tip for temp job success:

When asked about securing a good temp job, Tina advises:

“Find out as much as you can about the company. Be professional, offer flexibility, work hard, become part of the team, but most importantly, just be yourself!”

Temp of the Quarter recognition and rewards:

Winning the Temp of the Quarter Award took Tina by surprise, and she expressed her delight, saying:

“It took me completely by surprise and was wholly unexpected. I am delighted to have been recognised for this award.”

Our award winners have the option to select a hamper of their choice or opt for Prince to make a donation of £100 to a charity of their choosing.

In Tina’s case, she opted for a charity donation to the Alzheimer’s Society, a cause that holds a special place in her heart. This contribution will play a crucial role in supporting individuals living with dementia today and will also contribute to funding campaigns for positive change, as well as groundbreaking research, paving the way for a better tomorrow.

Client feedback from the healthcare service:

Tina’s well-deserved recognition stems from her contributions to our client in the healthcare sector. Her impact has received high praise from the client, who expressed:

“Tina has been a lifeline; she has rolled her sleeves up, and nothing has phased her. She will be an asset for where she lands next. Tina is friendly and warm, feeling like part of the family. She has made HR understandable to us non-HR Managers!”

Tina’s future with Prince:

Looking ahead, Tina expresses an uncertainty about what the future holds but is looking forward to working closely with Prince for her next role.

Congratulations, Tina, on your well-deserved recognition as Temp of the Quarter. Your hard work and dedication are truly commendable, and there’s no doubt that you will continue to deliver value in whatever you choose to pursue next.

At Prince, we’re committed to supporting both temporary workers and employers alike. If you’re looking to hire quality temporary team members or seeking temporary work opportunities, don’t hesitate to contact us.