Celebrating Excellence: Lisa – Temp of the Quarter Award Winner

At Prince, we take pride in acknowledging the hard work and dedication of temporary staff members. Temporary workers play a vital role in various industries, contributing their skills and expertise to keep businesses thriving. It is with great pleasure that we introduce our latest winner of our Temp of the Quarter Award: Lisa.

Lisa’s journey: From office expertise to artistry

With over 35 years of experience in office and administrative environments, Lisa brings a wealth of expertise to her roles. Her diverse background spans from Procurement to Commercial Assistant, Document Control, and Site Administration. The pandemic led her on a new path, where she now operates her art studio in Shropshire, creating beautiful artwork as an accomplished artist.

Currently, Lisa works in a part-time position at an organisation in the arts, heritage and recreation sector. Her responsibilities are divided between providing invaluable support to the development team and contributing her skills to the conference and banqueting function within the business.

Prince’s support: Empowering Lisa’s ambitions

During a time of change and transition, Lisa sought a part-time temporary role that would complement her evolving artistic pursuits. Prince’s support was instrumental in helping her find the right balance. The team took the time to understand Lisa’s aspirations and provided the guidance she needed to navigate this new phase of her career.

Lisa’s advice: Embracing new opportunities

Lisa’s advice to fellow temporary workers is invaluable. She encourages an open-minded approach to any role, urging individuals not to shy away from seeking clarification when needed. She emphasises the crucial role agencies play in providing support and underscores the value of sharing one’s rich experience as a mature temp.

Lisa’s reaction: A pleasant surprise

Winning the Temp of the Quarter Award came as a delightful surprise to Lisa. She expressed her gratitude, stating that she had never won anything before. Being recognised for her contributions and the value she adds to her workplace was a heartwarming experience.

The winners get the choice of a hamper or a £100 donation to a charity of their choice. In honour of her achievement, Prince will be making donations to two charities of Lisa’s choice: Age UK and the Alzheimer’s Society.

Looking ahead: Artistry and beyond

Lisa’s journey doesn’t stop here. She plans to continue her temporary role, supporting the organisation while focusing on the development of her art business. With upcoming exhibitions and a significant art fair on the horizon, Lisa’s future is promising and full of artistic possibilities.

Client’s feedback: Recognising Lisa’s outstanding contributions

Our contact at the organisation where Lisa was placed, highlighted Lisa’s exceptional contributions. They praised Lisa’s flexibility and positive attitude, noting her efficiency in supporting the development team. Lisa’s willingness to learn new processes and her proactive approach have been invaluable in helping the team meet their goals and deadlines.

Nominations and recognition: A testament to excellence

We extend our gratitude to our clients who take the time to nominate outstanding temporary staff members. The nominations help us identify individuals who stand out in areas such as performance, flexibility, attitude, teamwork, and more. Our Temp of the Quarter Award is not only a recognition of hard work but also a celebration of excellence.

Once again, congratulations to Lisa for her exceptional contributions and well-deserved recognition as the Temp of the Quarter. We wish her all the best in her continued endeavours as an artist and in her role.

At Prince, we’re committed to supporting both temporary workers and employers alike. If you’re looking to hire quality temporary team members or seeking temporary work opportunities, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 01952 299844.