Take control and manage your career

Your career is as unique as you are. But that’s easy to forget these days as the workplace is a fast-paced, continuously changing environment. It’s easy to become disconnected with what you want when everyday life keeps you distracted.

It’s simpler to settle for a job and get on with it rather than admitting you’re unhappy or unsatisfied with your career. The good news is, you can always change direction. Countless opportunities are just one decision or one brave step away. So, it’s time to be brave and create the change you deserve.

Making the change

We understand that career transition is an intimidating prospect for most people, but it can also be liberating. The main thing to remember when making a change is that it should be approached as a marathon rather than a sprint.

Changing career is a big decision and the process shouldn’t be rushed. Instead, take time to prepare yourself for the change.

Important things to consider before making a career transition include:

·Having a clear plan of what you want to change and why will help you to set achievable goals.

·Assess if you have a good balance in your personal life before making a career transition. This is important when it comes to making informed decisions about your future and showing your best self in interviews.

·Take time to research and identify what your new career will look like and involve in the future.

·Don’t expect anything to change overnight. It’s helpful to set a timescale for career transition and work on a plan daily. This will stop you from making impulsive decisions and provide you with a realistic time frame for change.

·Try to find a mentor who has changed careers and discuss their experience. Their advice could be invaluable to your career transition and could make the process an easier experience for you.

· After some serious thought and reflection, you may find that a complete career overhaul isn’t what you need. Maybe you just need a clearer vision of where your current career is heading and how to manage it.

Managing your career

Taking the time to get your career direction right will set you on a great path to realising the importance of managing your career. Once you understand that it’s you who controls your career and how it progresses – you’ll be excited for change.

The working world is constantly changing and the concept of having a career in one industry for the rest of your life is a thing of the past. Most people have several careers throughout their working life and embrace switching industries. With working environments and contracts always changing and people working on fixed terms or freelance – it’s safe to say that change is something you can’t avoid.

Career management is a skill and should be practised by showcasing your current skills, taking advantage of opportunities and being open to training and learning. It also pays to retain interview skills, ensure your CV and LinkedIn are up to date and discuss career opportunities with your boss.

The most important thing that managing your career can teach you is to be true to what you love. You may have to make sacrifices and take a lower level role to get two steps ahead in the career you want. But your goals shouldn’t be deterred by money or pride.

If you can create a better work-life balance and love what you do while using your core skills, then you’re winning at career management.

Career Management with Prince Personnel

Here at Prince Personnel, we understand how important managing your career is which is why we provide Career Management services. These sessions are designed to encourage and inspire people to take the first step in creating a career that they love.

Private Career Coaching

One-to-one support for individuals looking to progress in their existing career or are at a career crossroads. This session is particularly helpful for graduates or college leavers who are confused about which direction to take after leaving education.

12-Week Programme

Our 12-Week Programme is the perfect choice for those who are feeling unhappy in their career but have little to no idea what direction they would like to take. Through the help of qualified career coaches, self-assessment resources and a structured programme, you will be left with a clear and confident decision of what’s next.

Redundancy Coaching

Whether you have been made redundant or are soon to be, we can help guide you through this uncertain time. The session provides you with an honest overview of the current marketplace and helps you with CV preparation and interview tips.


Making people redundant is something that nobody wants to do but it is a necessary process that employers can be faced with. Our Outplacement session offers advice for employees on a one-to-one or small groups basis. It’s important to ensure that staff understand why the process is happening and provide them with advice for their future career options.

Why choose Prince Personnel?

We’re passionate about matching the best people to the best available job opportunities. It’s this passion that enables us to deliver fast and accurate results that suit our clients and candidates.

Our Director, Maria Sandford, specialises in Career Management and is a qualified career coach. She provides private career coaching on a one-to-one basis and has over 24 years of recruitment experience.

So, you’re guaranteed a professional service.

If you would like to take the first step on your journey to managing your career, please call Maria on 01952 299 844 or email maria.sandford@prince-personnel.co.uk