Hard work secures a permanent position

Our latest candidate to win our Temp of the Quarter is Molly, who wishes to remain anonymous. Molly came to us after she was made redundant and had a year in a role she wasn’t enjoying. She wanted to try temping as a way to find a role or a company that really suited her…

Our candidate has been nominated by our client because they feel she has worked hard to gain a good general knowledge of their business and is making good strides in learning a new system which she’s doing well with.

They have found her to be very approachable and gets on well with other members of the team. In fact our client is so delighted at how well Molly is settling in and thriving in her role that they have now offered her a permanent position!

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I would describe myself as a person with a versatile skill-set, a lot of integrity and a willingness to go the extra mile. I look forward to using my years of experience to build a career that allows me to focus my energy on my best strengths – administration and projects.

I have been carrying out a temporary role as Project Support Administrator for a great Telford manufacturing business that have ambitious plans for the growing their company.

How did Prince Personnel help you prepare for this role?

I was given some great advice before my interview which really helped me prepare. Since then the team at Prince Personnel have been a constant source of support for any queries or things I was unsure of. They take great care of their temps, even little things like remembering to wish me a Happy Birthday!

What’s your Top Tip for securing a good temp job?

I would say be flexible and keep in touch with your temping agency so they know your availability. Also, I try to approach each assignment with the same diligence, commitment and drive as I would a full-time job.

How did you feel about winning Temp of the Quarter and what did you win?

I was pleasantly surprised and I feel very honoured. For my award, I nominated Severn Hospice to receive a £50 donation. The donation was taken to Severn Hospice by Steve Wakeley Commercial Consultant – Temporary Division and received by Jacqui Stagg, Donor Development Manager from Severn Hospice (pictured).

What’s next for you?

I am excited by the opportunity to work with an innovative, successful company which allows me to be extremely productive and creative. I can see myself growing in confidence and experience -professional development is something that is really important to me.

Can we help?

Prince Personnel makes an award each quarter to a candidate who they believe has been outstanding in the way they carry out their placement. This could be a candidate who has excelled in their chosen role, gone the extra mile or really impressed in attitude to their work. Is this you? If you are available for a temporary position, whilst looking for your next permanent role, give Steve a call today on 01952 299844

To fulfil your requirements for a quality temporary candidate who might just be the next temp of the quarter! Contact Steve Wakeley for a friendly and professional discussion of your requirements.