Permanent Success Story

We have a super temp of the quarter to start us off for 2019!

Hana first came to us in February 2018 after relocating to Shropshire from Canterbury. Not only was Hana relocating she was also likely going to be looking at moving from the Public sector into a more commercial private sector role utilising her Marketing skills, so it was a testing time. We could see she had some excellent experience and with her accommodating and flexible attitude and enthusiasm to work we were able to keep her busy in a Customer Service role until a great opportunity came up within the Marketing Department of a local prestigious organisation.

Our client said “Hana is a legend. She joined us to cover an extended period of annual leave in late November and she took to the role, and the organisation, like a duck to water. She’s knowledgeable, enthusiastic and a real pleasure to work alongside. She’s brought thoughtful insight and opinion to the role and has gently challenged some of our existing practices – and all the while understanding the needs of the business. We extended her contract with us several times, because we know that her contribution to our social marketing is exceptional”. They went on to say that Hana has been offered a permanent position with them “because she’s brilliant”.

Here’s what Hana had to tell us about her experience with Prince Personnel

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I relocated to Shrewsbury from Canterbury in February of 2018 to live closer to my wonderful partner. I’m 26 and love photography, writing and being creative. I was finding job searching quite difficult as I had worked almost exclusively at a large university and I couldn’t find roles that seemed to be a good fit for me. I wanted to continue to work in Marketing and my friend Victoria recommended Prince Personnel to me.

What is your current position?

I’m currently the Social Media Officer, I absolutely love this role. I work in a World Heritage Site and get to spend my days taking photographs and writing engaging copy. The Marketing team here are phenomenal, they were so welcoming and I already feel at home in this role.

How did Prince Personnel help you prepare for this role?

Prince were great, they always let me know well in advance the style of the interview. In this case I knew it was going to be relaxed and informal so I prepared for it to be a casual back and forth. Prince also provide a lot of information about the role and the business in advance so you go in feeling pretty confident it’s the role for you.

What’s your Top Tip for securing a good temp job?

My top tip would be to be flexible and be prepared. It’s important to know what you want, for example I wanted to stay in Marketing, but I was willing to be flexible about industry and so far I have worked in the Tech sector and now in Heritage. Prepare for interviews using tools like LinkedIn to understand who you’re meeting with and what the role looks like, always go armed with your own questions so you can make sure the role is right for you too!

How did you feel about winning Temp of the Quarter and what did you win?

I was absolutely ecstatic to win Temp of the Quarter – I thought my constantly ‘just on time’ timesheets might have excluded me. It means a lot to be recognised for working hard, Prince have given me great opportunities in the year I’ve been here and I’m very grateful.

What’s next for you?

I’ve been taken on permanently at the company where Prince Personnel placed me, I’m so happy to be settled in to a place of work but also temping gave me the skills to assess what I did and didn’t like in a workplace so I could make an informed decision when it came to accepting a permanent role.

Can we help?

Every quarter, Prince Personnel makes an award to the candidate they believe has been outstanding in their placement – someone who has really stood out in a crowd and excelled in their chosen role. If you want good quality temporary candidates why not give us a try?

Contact our Specialist Commercial Temps Division Consultant – Steven Wakeley, on 01952 299 844 or come into our office in Telford and have a chat about your future requirements.