New Member of the Prince Work Family!

We’re delighted to announce that on 17th June 2022, our Office Coordinator Claire welcomed Emily into the world.

Claire has worked at Prince Personnel for over 12 years. The team is delighted to welcome Emily into our work family.

Claire recently brought Emily into the office to meet everyone. We caught up with Claire to see how they’re getting on:

“Emily are I are getting on really well, both learning as we go! I’m loving my maternity leave but can’t believe how quickly it is going. We love going for walks with the pram round the country lanes. I love how her little character is developing and her smile melts my hearts, and she has me totally wrapped around her little finger. She is really happy and contented unless she is ready for her milk, and then she wants it straight away without delay! But, apart from that, she is a dream.”

Claire, we’re wishing you a restful and enjoyable maternity leave.

Claire plans to return back to the office in June 2023, we will obviously miss having her around the office in the meantime.

We recently read an article highlighting how many of us now work in roles that didn’t exist 10, 20 or 30 years ago. From engineers for driverless cars, to social media managers and content creators… technology has opened up a wide range of possibilities.

This has left us wondering, what exciting career opportunities will there be when Emily enters the working world?