Career coaching is a success in Telford

With the support of Enterprise Telford and Telford HR Forum, recruitment experts at a Telford company have put their skills to good use to help a local student shape her plans for the future.

Megan Wilcox is studying for her A-levels at Newport Girls’ High School, and she is now considering her career options as she doesn’t want to go to university.

She is keen to pursue a career in Human Resources, but with only IT skills learned at school, Megan needed some experience of working in an office and the chance to develop her administration skills.

Telford HR Forum is a network for HR professionals within local companies. Coordinated by Enterprise Telford, it was easy to approach the 80 plus member companies and ask for help via the weekly Forum briefing. Prince Personnel, from Central Park swiftly responded to the request to help with Megan’s search.

Run by Maria Sandford, the recruitment agency specialises in matching candidates with the very best job opportunities in their chosen sector.

It also offers a private career management service delivering one-to-one support to review and analyse a candidate’s situation, with a view to establishing the level of their experience, identifying any skills gaps, and suggesting the most appropriate options moving forwards.

“We were very pleased to be able to step in to help Megan with her future plans, as the right advice now will really make a difference when it comes to securing a career in her chosen sector,” said Maria.

“We discussed what she wanted to achieve, her studies, the experience she would need, and the possibilities of finding the right role in the Shropshire area.

“It was clear that Megan needed some hands-on experience, and thanks to our local knowledge and connections, we were able to find her a voluntary position at the PDSA in Telford.

“She is now working with them on Wednesday and Friday afternoons, which is giving her the chance to work in an office environment liaising with people at all levels. The experience will be so valuable as it will not only boost Megan’s skills, but will also give her a credible placement to add to her CV.

“It’s essential that people have the right advice to support them as they make critical decisions about their future career, and gaining practical experience even on a voluntary basis is an excellent way to move forward.”

Megan was also invited along to a recent HR Forum meeting at the Marches Growth Hub Telford and introduced to other HR professionals.

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