Temp of the Quarter: Melissa’s dedication and impact in procurement

This quarter, we’re thrilled to announce Melissa as the recipient of our Temporary Worker of the Quarter Award. Melissa’s outstanding contributions within the procurement department in the Shropshire division of a global metal engineering business exemplify the dedication and professionalism valued in a temporary workforce.

In the accompanying image, we have (from left to right): Dale, Procurement Manager; Amanda, Operations Divisional Manager at Prince; and Melissa, the Temporary Worker of the Quarter winner.

Getting to know Melissa:

Melissa’s journey to Shropshire from London marked a new chapter in her career. After a few months of settling into the area, it was time for her to start looking for a new work challenge so she reached out to Prince. She connected with Amanda and the Operations team and found herself a temporary role. Her adaptability and willingness to learn have been key factors in her success.

Contributing to procurement excellence:

Within the procurement department of the company, Melissa serves as a Buyer specialising in Indirect Purchasing. Over the past 14 months, she has demonstrated a remarkable ability to navigate complex procurement processes and manage both volume demand and costs effectively. Melissa’s role as the custodian of the packaging commodity showcases her proficiency in driving savings and managing procurement operations efficiently.

Prince’s support:

Melissa credits Prince, particularly her point of contact Amanda and her team, for providing invaluable support throughout her journey. Melissa, said:

“Amanda and her team shared their knowledge of the employer and provided me with plenty of detail of what the role entailed.

This helped me to prepare for my interview and attend, feeling confident about the company and what would be expected of me if I was to be chosen for the role.”

Melissa’s top tip for temp job success:

Melissa’s journey underscores the importance of adaptability and a willingness to embrace new challenges. When asked for her top tip for individuals seeking temp work, she said:

“I was set on finding a role that matched my previous experience but that really narrowed my job search. I started to look at job descriptions that offered snippets of my current skill set but also new skills that I had never had to apply before. I became more adaptable and open to new challenges with a ‘willing to learn’ mindset.”

By broadening her job search criteria and approaching opportunities with a mindset of continual learning, Melissa found success in her temporary role.

Celebrating success:

Winning the Temp of the Quarter Award came as a delightful surprise to Melissa:

“This was such a lovely surprise! I received the call on a Friday morning, which was a great end to the week / start to the weekend. It is nice to know that I am not only valued by Prince but also by my employer.”.

As part of her award, Melissa has chosen to receive a cheese and wine hamper, a well-deserved treat to celebrate her achievements.

Looking ahead:

While Melissa is open to permanent opportunities with her current employer, her immediate focus remains on excelling in her current role and continuing to make a positive impact within the procurement team.

What our client had to say about Melissa:

“Melissa’s impact within the procurement team has been significant. Her strong work ethic, organisational skills, and ability to foster a positive work environment have led to tangible improvements in departmental performance and morale. Melissa’s dedication to her role has not gone unnoticed, and her contributions have been instrumental in driving cost savings and process improvements.”

“It was very clear from day one that Melissa possessed a very strong work ethic, is very organised and generally happy to roll her sleeves up to get “the job done”. The result of this was a successful development of all departmental procedures and processes.

It’s very apparent that her professionalism, personality and desire to support influences others around her… the morale of the department is very much improved.

We couldn’t have selected a better fit for the team…Thank you!”

Melissa’s contribution really proves that temporary workers have the potential to make a real impact in businesses.

Congratulations, Melissa!

At Prince, we’re dedicated to connecting talented individuals like Melissa with rewarding temporary opportunities. If you’re seeking quality temporary staff or exploring temporary work opportunities, please get in touch.