Gareth awarded hamper in recognition of ‘temporary worker’ award

Prince Personnel is proud to announce Gareth as our latest ‘Temporary Worker of the Quarter’ winner.

Gareth started working in his current role back in October 2021, covering long-term sickness absence. Prior to this role Gareth has had a varied career with experience across legal, banking, marketing and photography sectors.

At Prince Personnel we’ve been awarding outstanding temporary workers for a long time now. To determine suitable candidates, we ask employers to nominate individuals who have stood out in their roles.

A representative at Gareth’s employer, said:

“Gareth has pretty much hit the ground running. His work ethic, flexible and approachable attitude has been amazing. The role… can often be very challenging and sometimes emotional. Gareth has shown empathy and kindness to everyone he has spoken to and is a good listener. He has excellent communication skills and a very calm manner. He always seeks to try and resolve concerns as quickly as possible”

Here’s what Gareth said about his experience of securing a temporary position through Prince Personnel:

“I called Steven who is very approachable and knowledgeable. I saw a job advertised on the Prince Personnel website that stood out from all of the others to me, as I had previous experience in the nature of the work, although not in the sector being advertised. I informed Steven of my qualifying experience and asked whether he felt I would be a suitable fit for this job.

I decided to apply for this position, I was successful and I thoroughly enjoy the role. I feel I have learnt a huge amount in a short space of time, always enjoy going into work every day, feel I add value and have wonderful supportive colleagues. The role gives a huge amount of job satisfaction and I’m very glad that I applied.”

We asked Gareth whether he had any tips for securing a good temporary position:

“Although money is important to all of us, don’t let that be the deciding factor, as all jobs pay. Have a read of the full job description and try to visualise yourself in this role. If you feel you would be happy doing this job and feel you could learn, progress as well as adding value then by all means apply. The job descriptions can sometimes make you feel like they’re looking for the impossible, so my biggest advice is don’t let that put you off. Call the recruitment contact at Prince and tell them your experience, highlight the parts you feel confident about and the parts you’re not so confident about. It may turn out that the parts you’re worried about are not entirely essential and may well be something they’re willing to teach you on the job”.

We asked how he felt about winning this award:

“Very unexpected, but was really lovely to know that my hard work was recognised in such a nice way. My prize was a hamper full of delights.”

So, what’s next?

Gareth’s employer, said:

“Gareth is an excellent team player, but can also work independently. Gareth’s assignment runs until the end of September at present. I would have no hesitation in appointing Gareth to a substantive role should one become available”

We asked the same question directly to Gareth:

“To continue giving my best every day with a positive and enthusiastic approach”

Congratulations to Gareth!

Why do we recognise temporary workers?

Temporary workers play a vital role in the success of many organisations and yet they sometimes get overlooked. We give businesses the opportunity to recognise the temporary team members that are thriving as part of our ‘Temp of the Quarter’ awards programme.

Why consider temporary work?

It’s a great way to try your hand at a new industry, learn some new skills or gain some experience to enhance your CV. Many of the temporary workers we place end up extending their contracts or making the switch to permanent.

Can we help?

If you’re looking for a temporary role, why not get in touch? We work with some excellent clients who truly value their teams.

If you’re an employer looking for quality candidates to fill a temporary position in your business, you can talk to us about your requirements so that we can find candidates that are a good fit for your business.

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